Thursday, November 29, 2012

Running your Business like a scuba diver

Are you waiting for the next hurricane so you can grow your restoration business?  Too many companies are waiting for some outside influence to create their success.  While it is true that you can benefit from an outside event that will help your business, at some point you are back to where you started.

There are many companies that encountered much success over the past ten years due to weather events.  Some fortunes were even made.  There are also many examples from companies that were very successful over a short period of time and are no longer in business.  If you achieve success through outside events prior to addressing the foundation of your business, you are increasing your company risk.  I have even worked with companies that where built on the expectation that annual weather events would be required to cover overhead.  These companies encountered much pain when they eventually experienced a year without catastrophe events.

Companies that build a solid foundation prior to experiencing an outside event are able to truly access the opportunities encountered.  In the end the fundamentals of a successful business are built around creating a deliberate plan and a success every day then you can effectively manage and leverage peak work events as well.

It is important to be deliberate and strategic in managing your business.  Business Mentors helps companies establish a solid business plan and direction as the foundation of our consulting program.  When we have a shared plan and vision then we can help restoration owners and managers achieve success.  You can work through the same process in your business.  Establish what you wan to do over the next twelve months and then model your company to achieve your goals.  If you take time to plan your business then you can start working on implementing your plan rather than managing daily crisis.  I have spent some time scuba diving in the past.  Prior to your dive you need to plan your dive and then you dive your plan.  This a sound philosophy that you can apply to your business as well.  Plan your business and then work your plan.  In the end you will not need a "Hurricane Sandy" but if you do then it will be more beneficial to your long term success.

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