Friday, April 5, 2013


Great coaches understand that mastery of the fundamentals will allow you to leverage opportunity.  Strong organizational growth comes when preparation meets opportunity.  This is a simple statement but a difficult achievement.  Proper preparation and a solid foundation can help you access opportunity and leverage your growth.  When your business is built properly these opportunities add to your organizational growth and can take you to a new level.  Businesses can achieve consistent growth over a period of time but opportunities may come along that will launch you at an accelerated pace.  Depending on the situation and your market this can be transformational. 

If your systems, training and resources will allow you to absorb and leverage rapid growth then moments will come along that will help you experience and utilize opportunity.  The key to this challenge is to be prepared. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence is not an act but a habit.”  There are no greater times to access and manage this growth than during periods of peak work or large projects.  The challenge is to perform exceptionally.  In order to truly benefit from a strong month or a peak event then you need to start the process of foundation building long before your systems are tested. 

In his book The Ultimate Sales Machine, the author, Chet Holmes, discusses rapid organizational growth.  The first part of the book talked about building an infrastructure that would support growth prior to unleashing his top marketing ideas.  His recommendation was to develop strong operational systems and procedures and also ideas to support employee hiring and training.  If you have built a strong foundation you will be able to grow through these periods of peak work and if you perform well then you will have many new prospects and people that now have experience with your company. 

Start today by identifying the critical systems in your business that would be strained with the influx of 100 jobs or one large project and 10 smaller ones at the same time.  In his book Chet Holmes challenges the reader to create systems that would allow you to add 100 employees today and then another 100 tomorrow without missing a step.  In your business, I recommend you design your systems to be able to add 20 employees today and 20 more tomorrow or to be able to add 100 jobs per day for several days.   You need to assess your internal systems, job descriptions, employee on-boarding processes, cash management, project intake systems, and your internal and external communications systems to determine your ability to manage large influxes of work.  When you have done this process then you can start to define solutions to your potential challenges.

The moment of truth will come when you experience the “event” or have your first million-dollar month.  If you have done your homework and preparation this moment of truth may be transformational for your business.  The idea is not to build an overhead that allows you to succeed during this time; rather it is to create a plan that allows you to leverage your current overhead to succeed for short periods when you need it.  This process will assure you are making money today and then will be exceptionally successful when opportunity meets preparation.  

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