Friday, May 31, 2013

Announcing the 2013 Business Mentors Summit

The agenda is nearly complete for the Business Mentors 2013 Marketing and Business Development Summit. This is a top event for restoration companies. The event is created for owners and senior managers in restoration companies. Come see some of the top instructors in the industry and some new faces. You will also have great networking opportunities and the occasion to to tour one of the finest facilities in the industry. The GAP on the schedule has been filled by a national leader in the marketing and brand development industry. 

Themes to this year's event:
- Due to challenges in maintaining margins in restoration we will discuss non-restoration diversifications
- Leadership discussion from David MacLean from Whole Hearted Leaders
- How to utilize momentum to propel your business
- Common mistakes that many are making with your online presence and how to bring your strategy to fulfillment
- Leveraging your brand to create a competitive advantage in your business
- Proper techniques to manage your marketing staff and improve their performance
- Creating accountability from your marketing and sales staff. 
- Marketing strategies that are being used by your peers to offer successful and profitable growth. 
- Optimizing your sales skills and creating systems to improve your closing ratio. 
- more...

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