Monday, June 10, 2013

Protecting your reputation

Over the past several years through both complacency as well as a strong sense of confidence that we have been doing the right thing over a long period of time, we have allowed our competition and the rumor mill to determine our companies perception in the industry.  In the book What Got you Here Won't Get you There by Marshall Goldsmith, the author talks about the challenges of continued success especially when you are simply doing more of the same thing.

We have been in Business for over fifteen years and in that time have helped created over a hundred successful  companies.  In many cases this transformation has been quite dramatic, changing the lives of the owners and many people in the company.  We were able to grow our business and have continued success through great word of mouth and referrals from delighted clients.

Over the last several years our competition has increased their visibility in the market and also started to encroach on our niche.  We have continued to "rest on our laurels" and rely on our past success.  As a result we have allowed our competition and their marketing approach to define our business and to determine our brand.  Every day we are helping companies improve profits, improve leadership skills, add revenue and speed cash.  We help businesses define a proactive plan for their company and then hold them accountable for their commitment.  Apparently this is an old fashioned approach?  It is interesting that if you allow you actions to do your speaking then you are giving others the opportunity to define your business.  It is essential that you take control of your brand and your message as well as be accountable for your actions.

As a business consulting company we have not spent too much time thinking about our business.  We have a very successful model that is proven to work.  This model is great but as the business world changes our model must also change.  How can we provide new resources, tools, products and services to a new generation of business owners.  We are going to get to work to define our strategy and our business offerings as well as craft and control our message.

This is not a rant out our business but a lesson for any successful business.  How are you different today than you were yesterday?  How are you going to maintain control of your message?  What are your core competencies and how can that be leveraged in your industry for new products and services or a new way to deliver your services?

Remember that you need to be in control of your products, service and your message.

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