Friday, August 23, 2013

Creating a deliberate brand

Do you have a deliberate brand or an accidental brand for your company?  Company branding is developed out of your strategic plan, your core competencies and marketplace realities.  Many companies do not give serious consideration to their brand. 

The first thing that is needed in this discussion is to define a company brand.  Some think that this is simply a logo or trademark but it is important to have a more encompassing definition.  A company brand is the thought, perception, feeling, emotion that is associated you're your company.  A deliberate plan takes into account your business reality and strategy with the communications strategy. 

Even if you do not create a deliberate brand, your company has a brand.  This is what I refer to as an accidental brand.  Your perception in the marketplace, your logo, website, advertising and even the work you perform makes up your brand.  Often these elements are the result of what you have always done.  In the same way, a fancy logo and slick website do not define a strong brand.

A true brand takes into account the entire business strategy.  Your brand message needs to reflect your core competency and also your business vision.  Creating a strong brand starts with creating a robust strategic plan.  This process may require the assistance of an outside advisor in order to assess your market realities and understanding your true opportunities.  When you are aware of your business strategy then you can proceed with generate your company brand, messaging and communications strategy.   

Marketing and branding is a very specialized skill.  You may have a person in your marketing department that contains the skillset to develop your company brand but it is important to make sure that it is the proper professional image that you are looking to achieve.  In most cases you will have to utilize the services of an outside company. 

The Business Mentors Marketing and Business Development Summit is pleased to have Michael Connell present on branding and communications.  Michael owns an agency based in Seattle with several offices on the West Coast.  He has experience working with many startups and fortune 500 companies.  He will offer information on creating a compelling brand and then defining a communication strategy to leverage your brand.  For more information visit

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