Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Building a legacy

The average person has only a fraction of the money they will need for their retirement.  As a matter of fact most do not have sufficient money to supply a proper emergency fund.  Many business owners are also in this same situation but hope that their business will offer the means for a rich retirement.  The irony is that few have taken the steps to plan for this retirement and many do not have a company that will fund the retirement of their expectations.  A properly managed company can be a proper resource for a comfortable future yet this will not occur by accident or chance.

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Business Mentors is holding an event this November in Chicago to discuss options and strategy for achieving your succession goals.  You will learn how to optimize the value of your business and assure the success of any transition whether you are planning to sell to employees, transition to family or sell to an outside group. 

Business leaders would suggest that you cannot start this process soon enough.  The demographics of the industry would suggest that we are in the middle of a generational shift in ownership.  If you are looking to secure your retirement, or transition to family or employees then you need to develop a plan today. 

You will learn more about your options and improve your success with your succession plan.  Learn from your peers, a business broker, a private equity company and the leading consulting firm in the restoration business on how you can optimize the value of your greatest asset and assure your legacy.   

Event Highlights:
  • ·      Learn the steps that you need to take today in order to sell your business at some point in the future.
  • ·      Key components that buyers are looking when purchasing a business. 
  • ·      How to maximize value when selling to an outside party.
  • ·      Find out how to create curb appeal for potential buyers. 
  • ·      Options and steps to take for internal ownership transitions.
    • o   Employees
    • o   Family
  • ·      How decisions made today affect value of the business down the road.
  • ·      Options for transition of your business.
  • ·      Learn strategies that maximize the value of your business prior to sale.
  • ·      Learn why few businesses are passed to family members.
  • ·      Understand what bankers are looking for in order to finance business purchases.
  • ·      Learn the top things that reduce value in the business.

  • ·      Clarify your future.  Make decisions today that provide a clear path to create a comfortable retirement tomorrow.
  • ·      Maximize the worth of your most valuable investment.
  • ·      Increase your wealth.
  • ·      Improve the probability of success for your business during ownership transition.
  • ·      Define and implement your family legacy.
  • ·      Define a plan that allows your business to operate without your direct involvement.
  • ·      Identify the value of your business and also the needed resources in order to have a lifestyle that you desire in your retirement.
  • ·      Comfort and peace that you have a solid retirement plan and business exit strategy.
  • ·      Understand why most small business are un-saleable
Event Details…  http://businessmentors.net/leadership-business-summit.html

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