Thursday, December 29, 2016

Growth is optional

Welcome to 2017!  Every year I look at that number for the new year and it surprises me – actually doesn’t look right.  This is a great time for looking forward AND it is a great time to look back to gain perspective.  I four children and as hard as I try, I cannot keep them from growing up.  Perhaps if I used the same development plan as my business I could finally keep my children the same age.  My oldest daughter is now fourteen and will start high school next year.  If I look at my business in 2002 I do not see that radical transformation that I have observed in the growth of my daughter.  Don’t get me wrong, our business is not the same as it was at the time but perhaps much of that can be attributed to simply getting older.  My plan for my business over the next twelve months is to create real development – not just aging.  We started in December by holding a strategic planning meeting and challenging our business assumptions and also looking at how the market is changing.  We want to change with the market and take leaps in our development. 

The interesting thing about business development is that you are not constrained simply by a calendar or typical time. As much as my children want to be older than they are it simply cannot happen.  They may want to drive, but they do not get to drive.  On the other hand if your business has been stuck in time, you are not limited by the calendar for growth.  Napolian Hill said that whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.  The same is true for your business.  If you aspire to radically change your business then it can be achieved.  In reality business change is not as easy to accomplish as simply believing – it requires a detailed plan and hard work.

The first step in changing your reality is acknowledgement - recognition of your desire to change and then the status quo.  After recognizing the desire to change then you need to assemble a solid strategic plan.  The details of a plan should be covered in another article.  The point of this article is to get you to understand and think about the reality that you are responsible and ultimately accountable for your business development. 

One of the new programs being offered by Business Mentors in 2017 is a strategic planning program.  Previously we only offered our planning service as a part of our ongoing consulting programs.  We now offer a standalone program where we will be present at your location for three days to provide a detailed and actionable strategic plan for your business.  Please contact me if you have any interest or would like more information.

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