Thursday, January 26, 2017

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning

After nearly 30 years working in the restoration industry with near 20 years as an advisor to restoration businesses one of the biggest challenges facing companies is a lack of a proactive plan.  We operate in an on-demand emergency business that often leads to justification for reactionary management.  Companies feel that they cannot make plans because they don't know what will happen next week, next month or next year in their business.  I understand this feeling but in reality this is an abdication of responsibility as a leader. When you fail to create a deliberate plan for your business then you are allowing others to determine your priorities and perhaps even direction in your business.  Don’t get me wrong; I understand that many of these companies may have a solid business and perform great work.  That being said they often find that they are living the same day over and over.  If you want to move your business forward and take control of your future then you need a solid, written plan. 

Your strategic plan should consist of the following:
·      Core values/Mission/vision
·      Financial goals and expectations both revenue and profitability
·      Marketing action plan to achieve goals
·      Desired mix of work and desire marketing referral sources
·      Personnel action plan as well as roles and responsibilities
·      Budgeting for the following:
o   Marketing
o   Capital expenses for asset purchases and facilities
o   Training
o   Operations
·      Address limiting factors that will prevent achievement of the plan

Business Mentors has a program where we will help facilitate the development of YOUR strategic plan.  This is a custom plan that is created for your business and includes a three day visit to your company.  We have been providing this service for nearly twenty years and have helped hundreds of companies develop an actionable plan that has been instrumental in creating many successful restoration businesses across North America. 

Please send an email - -  if you would like more information on our planning service. 

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