Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Stress?

Happy Monday! Were you one of the many that spent most of Saturday decompressing from the week and then most of Sunday stressing about the challenges of the week to come? If you live in this world it could be easy to understand how you can get burned out. I would also guess that many of these entrepreneurs also find it difficult to get away on vacation for fear of what will be happening in the business in their absence. From my experience I would also guess that these businesses also struggle to make money. I am sure that it often crosses your mind that you could simply work for someone else and get rid of so many problems and make the same amount without the risk of business ownership. The challenge is that you are an entrepreneur and know that you are just a few breaks away from having a great business.  

After a while the stress of running a struggling business starts to eat away at the company culture and you have staff that may care about you but they are not engaged in the business – just filling a space and getting a paycheck. If this sounds like your business – you not alone. Perhaps it is time to get a fresh perspective on your business and get out of this endless cycle. Business Mentors helps business owners create a solid plan for their future and take steps to create actionable change in their business. With the right direction you can become engaged in your business, develop positive accountability and start winning.  

We have many different programs from advisory services to full mentoring. Most of our programs start with a one-time 3 day on-location strategic planning program. This is a simple – low risk opportunity to have an outside review of your business from someone that has worked in the restoration industry for decades. 

If you would like to learn more about how our program works send an email with the subject line – ‘Winning’ to You can also call 541 359 4117. 

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