Thursday, February 8, 2018

Is your business a resource to achieve your personal goals?

Do you ever feel that you are running in place in your business – just another day full of the same tasks as the previous day?  If you are stuck in your business, this is often the result of a lack of a strategic plan, the wrong plan, or an inability to focus on the action items in your plan.  The team at Business Mentors can help you create a plan that helps you know where you’re going and then put an action plan in place that helps you get there. 

We find that many restoration business owners have some or all of the following questions.
·      You want to grow your company, but how?  Get more TPA work, get less, more property management or event retail services? 
·      Do you have the right people In your business and are they in the right positions? 
·      What are the industry benchmarks for departments and individuals and are my employees performing at, above or below expectations?
·      How should I compensate my team members and how will this affect my company profitability and cash position?
·      What steps can I take in order to improve collections and cash flow in my business?
·      What is the role and what are the responsibilities of an effective restoration business owner?
·      If you have a partnership, is the owner team on the same page, and filling the correct roles?
·      How do I create an effective succession plan for the business and then put the process in place to achieve this plan?
·      Do I have the correct software systems in my business and are we getting the information needed to effectively manage our business?
·      How can I create a more effective work-life balance?

If you have the questions above, we can help provide the answers and drive your company to the next level.  When you work with Business Mentors, you will have access to a veteran of the industry with decades of restoration management experience.  Our team will provide a comprehensive, written plan, based on a detailed on-location evaluation of your business. 

Contact our office today to learn why hundreds of restoration companies have partnered with Business Mentors over the last 20 years to transform their business.  You will have the confidence to know where you’re going, and a plan that helps you get there. 

The best part is that our strategic planning program is surprisingly affordable and comes with a low commitment. You can bring us in for three days with no further commitment on your part.  Contact our office to learn more – or feel free to call 541 359-4117.

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